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Unlimited Bandwidth VPS Hosting: Top Service Providers in 2020

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During the last decade, shared web hosting was the number one choice for beginners. It’s suits their sites’ needs and budgets. However, when the traffic increase, only the unlimited bandwidth VPS hosting is what they need.

The VPS lets you host your sites and manage them easier, faster, and you can customize averting as needed.

Today, I’m going to show you the best recommend VPS hosting providers with an unlimited monthly transfer, or bandwidth as many of you prefer naming it. Before starting, let’s have a clear idea about the VPS.

What’s a VPS hosting?

A VPS or a Private Virtual Server, it’s a virtual machine in a real dedicated server that web hosting providers sell as a service. Customers get their own copy of the operating system for their VPS. That means independent management and more security for their server and files.

The resources of the real dedicated server are divided between multiple virtual private servers. That means, if a dedicated server has 3 VPS, then, each VPS will use 1/3 of the total dedicated server resources. That includes bandwidth, disk space, CPU and more.

Unlimited bandwidth VPS hosting providers

Unlike the shared hosting, the VPS hosting costs more and it goes from $15 per month to hundreds of dollars a month, and even more in some cases. The server customizations, upgrades, configuration, and options take the cost higher or lower, depending on the customer needs.

I’ve used the following VPS service providers, and all of them offer unlimited monthly transfer and unlimited resources. However, keep in mind that nothing is really unlimited in this universe. Just make sure to know how to use your server resources and protect it from hacks and online threats. Exceeding your disk space and CPU usage is the last thing you want.

GoDaddy VPS

GoDaddy as a large VPS hosting provider that lets you get your own VPS with unlimited bandwidth. They offer both, Linux, and Windows VPS plans with full management. That means the company manages the server upgrades, configurations, and settings. As a result, customers forget wasting time with configurations and build their businesses instead of that.

The company provides different levels of VPS managed, self-managed, managed, and fully managed. The cost of each plan is different and depending on the level of the server management. Keep in mind that the longer term you choose for any VPS plan, the cheaper you’ll pay.

GoDaddy VPS

For example, the monthly self-managed VPS plan costs $19.99 while the yearly plan costs 25% less and that’s a great discount.

GoDaddy offers 5 Unlimited bandwidth VPS plans for Linux. The minimum server RAM is 1 Gigabyte and the maximum RAM s 8 gigabytes. The disk space ranges from 40 gigabytes to 24O gigabytes, and that’s an SSD storage.

For Windows VPS, the prices are higher, but every private virtual server comes with unlimited bandwidth and strong security.

For customer support, GoDaddy offers support by phone, live chat, and tickets. That means a full customer support department that will fix the problems and listen to you.

VPS with cPanel control panel

Unlike the above hosting, GoDaddy offers VPS plans with the cPanel control panel. cPanel lets you manage your VPS like a pro, for example, you can upload and download files, rename folders and much more. It’s a high level of VPS management interface that makes things well organized and structured.

The cPanel file manager is the most powerful tool for server management. Moreover, the company offers lots of tools and add-ons in cPanel that you can enable easily.

DreamHost VPS

DreamHost is a well-known hosting provider, and they have been in this business for years. The company offers different hosting services including, shared, dedicated, and of course, VPS plans that I’m talking about today.

DreamHost offers one of the best unlimited bandwidth VPS hosting plans with unlimited domains to host. That’s great unlike many of the popular services with low-quality servers and limitations.

This unlimited VPS bandwidth provider offers enough RAM for every plan you select. The RAM ranges from 1 to 8 gigabytes for each plan, and that’s sufficient in terms of server speed, execution time, and performance.

Unlimited Bandwidth VPS


DreamHost offers the regular MySQL database hosting for your server, moreover, they offer full isolated database hosting for your account. The MySQL VPS hosting they offer is a premium database hosting with powerful resources that speed up the execution time and database management.

MySQL is the best and most popular database that offers lots of options. If you take care of it with that amazing hosting, you’ll save lots of resources in the long term.

Unlimited bandwidth VPS features

The following features give you an overview of the VPS hosting plans that DreamHost offers.

  • Manage your database easily from the dashboard
  • Scalable RAM: Increase or decrease the RAM with one click.
  • Powerful SSD storage
  • VPS control panel included. It’s a custom control panel that you can use to manage your server.
  • Check your disk space and CPU usage from the dashboard
  • Linux infrastructure
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • One-Click Application Installer for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento and hundreds of others.
  • XCache
  • Nginx
  • Unlimited FTP/sFTP Users: You can download and upload files and manage them easily.
  • Crontab Access
  • PHP5/Perl and Python
  • Phusion Passenger
  • IPv4 and IPv6
  • Password protection for directories
  • Errors-log file access
  • SSL/TLS Certificates
  • SSH (Secure Shell) access
  • Node.js
  • Ruby Version Manager (RVM)
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited websites to host
  • Monthly or yearly VPS plans, just select the way you want to pay for your VPS.
  • Cheap VPS hosting

Professional VPS

As you can see, the company has a great cheap VPS hosting with unlimited bandwidth and resources. You can get a monthly VPS and that way, you pay each month. Also, you can choose the yearly VPS hosting plans and save money with a free month VPS hosting.

Nginx is the most popular HTTP and reverse proxy server with high performance. It speeds up the VPS and the website automatically. Luckily, that powerful add-on is offered by Dreamhost for free.

DreamHost is one of the few VPS service providers that offer low cost plans. Their reliable and affordable VPS hosting takes the resources to the next level. Moreover, it’s an SSD server that will speed up the site loading time, thanks to their faster server response time and caching.

The DreamHost VPS plans work well for developers, designers, bloggers and business owners with medium websites. They have thousands of reviews around the web.

The only thing that I don’ prefer is their control panel. It’s a custom control panel that looks confusing, especially if you’ve tried the great cPanel control panel before.

What about customer support?

DreamHost offers support through live chat, emails, and Twitter. Unfortunately, they only have premium paid phone support. Their live chat support system works well, and you get the information you need in minutes. However, personally, I prefer phone support that works faster.


Good VPS hosting services with unlimited bandwidth are not many these days. You can find the service, but not the customer support that really fixes problems. For that, I recommend going with one of the above-recommended providers. However, if you want high bandwidth VPS plans, then, Liquid Web is the number one in that business. They have a stronger server with free incoming bandwidth and SSD infrastructure.

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