Top 10 Best Small Business Web Hosting Services

Best Small Business Web Hosting (Top 10 Providers of 2020)

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Do you need a good small business web hosting service? And you look for trusted web hosts with good customer support, tutorials, and all the tools you need for a website or blog? So, keep reading, I tested different small business web hosting services, and I’ll show you the best of them.

Web hosting is the first thing to look for when people want to start their online businesses. There is no way to exist online, without using the best small business website hosting. It should make your website available and load faster. At the same time, it’s not an option to have good uptime. The smallest downtime can cause problems, especially for business websites.

Of course, the fast loading time is one of the things that we should consider when searching for reliable, fast the best small business website hosting service that’s reliable, affordable, fast and professional. Today, I’ll show you the list of the best small business website hosting providers. They have affordable services with good quality and customer support that everyone needs.

Small Business Web Hosts

1. HostGator (for all small business websites)

HostGator offers good small business web hosting services. They have other services like VPS and dedicated services. Their prices start at $3.95, and they offer 24/7 fast customer support available by phone, live chat, or tickets.

For that low price, people can host an unlimited number of sites, with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Also, every new customer gets a free domain and FTP and SSH access. However, their migration service is paid, unlike the above one that’s free.

For speed and performance, the service is good and you can host your site with them in total security. They built their own servers with advanced infrastructure and the number of domains that they host is over two million.

2. Liquid Web (best eCommerce web hosting)

This is one of the best small business website hosting providers with premium quality web hosting for business owners. When it comes to professionalism, you can’t get better than this hosting provider. They offer fully managed hosting with exceptional customer support. If you need help, you can get support by phone, tickets, or live chat.

The difference with this powerful hosting is the SSD infrastructure and the super-fast network connection. Also, customers can pay per day or per month. That’s a rare feature and flexibility that a few companies offer. So, you can get a good small business website hosting service that’s professional and with the daily payment option if you want.

The company has a great website hosting service for small businesses, and they offer a large variety of solutions, including:

  • Superfast web hosting
  • Strom dedicated servers
  • Powerful virtual private servers (VPS)
  • Email hosting
  • Cloud hosting
  • Cloud backup
  • Woocemerce hosting plans

3. InMotion Hosting

Without a doubt, this is one of the best small business website hosting service that offers all the features and the plans that suit the needs of every company. This is a reliable and affordable web hosting for small businesses with exclusive SSD servers and SSH access.

That means fast loading time, and even, a development environment if you want to host an application and develop it. They have secure and well-built infrastructure that helped thousands of business owners to succeed online with their sites.

Main server and service features

  • Fast web hosting
  • SSD servers
  • Free domain name
  • Exclusive 47% OFF hosting discount
  • Secure web hosting
  • Secure Linux web hosting
  • PCI compliant hosting
  • Amazing customer support
  • Phone support
  • Tickets support
  • Live chat support
  • US-based customer support
  • Cheap web hosting
  • Reliable hosting provider
  • Pre-installed WordPress, Joomla or PrestaShop
  • Free data backups
  • SSH access
  • A+ service rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau) which is the highest level of trust, the BBB is a trusted reviewing, business trust and performance agency for the United States and Canada.

This is the best place to host a website, all you have to do is to sign up and check which software you want to be installed automatically for you. That’s a free service for WordPress and PrestaShop and you don’t need any complicated installations or setup.

The free daily data backup service allows you to save a copy of the website, for security reasons. You don’t know what will happen and a small mistake in the database can make things complicated. Luckily the free backup is professional and can save thousands of dollars for company owners.

Here are a few InMotion Hosting reviews about their great small business website hosting service:

small business hosting reviews

This another InMotion Hosting customer review that recommends the service and had a great experience with them:

InMotion web host reviews

Here is the InMotion Hosting customer support department and how it looks like. It’s the recommended web hosting company for small businesses and websites.

InMotion Hosting customer support

The first plan comes with unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, and a free domain name. Of course, they are one of the few hosts that offer a free SSD drive. That will cost a big investment with other providers. But they offer it for free, and that’s a good feature that makes people trust their service.

InMotion Hosting is a good web hosting for small business that offers a free website migration service, and that will save money. At the same time, they are the only company that has the Max Speed Zones that lets you choose between two data centers in the US.

The business class hardware comes with powerful resources and a few companies can offer a minimum of 64GB RAM Servers that can be upgraded to 384 GB, and that’s a powerful hosting.

The prices start from$5,99 for the business hosting plan. They have a one-click installer software for all the popular open-source applications, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and all the others.

Here is a screenshot f the InMotion Hosting uptime recorded to show you the professional hosting service they offer.

InMotion Hosting uptime

The company is a trusted web host with a business that’s registered in the US, and they have US-based customer support with lots of awards. The quality hosting with that fast and professional customer support brings amazing results and participated in the success of many popular business websites who started with them.

4. iPage

This is the cheapest business web hosting service with amazing features. It cost just $2.25 per month to get a full hosting package. Of course, it’s not a premium hosting, but, you get shared resources with auto-installer software and lots of good options.

In this iPage review, you can find the pros and cons of this hosting provider. And also, you’ll get the features and everything else.

This low cost and best web host for small businesses accept payments via PayPal and credit cards. Unlike other services, this one offers unlimited small business hosting with unlimited websites. That means you can host as many sites as you want, but, remember the resources to make your site loads fast. This is a green web hosting that uses 100% wind energy to power its data centers.

In terms of prices, this is the cheapest web hosting service, however, don’t expect exceptional services like the above-recommended hosts. It’s an affordable web hosting for small size websites and blogs. So, make sure that you have a website with a little traffic to avoid overloading the server.

5. InterServer

This is the cheapest way to host a website, all you need is a few dollars and you can get monthly or yearly web hosting plans. It’s easy to get an easy website hosting plan for any company with this provider. The business plans start from $5 per month, and that includes a free SSL certificate with unlimited Gigabytes of storage and monthly Gigabytes of bandwidth. The support is always available and that means a lot these days.

This inexpensive web hosting offers different services, such as business hosting, cloud VPS, and dedicated servers.

6. GoDaddy (all in one small business hosting )

This is one of the top-rated hosting services for small businesses. The reason is not only their infrastructure but, also, the features that put everything together. You get a quality website hosting with an email address for your domain name, and professional support.

So, in a matter of minutes, you will have a complete hosting package at a cheap price. The GoDaddy small business hosting comes with a free domain name and lots of amazing options.

  • Free domain name
  • Free email with up to 1000 addresses
  • Linux hosting
  • Windows hosting
  • Professional control panel
  • Auto installer software
  • Hosting for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and more
  • PrestaShop hosting
  • Magento hosting
  • eCommerce hosting
  • 1-click setup
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited storage
  • cPanel
  • Customer support available by phone, live chat, or tickets

What makes this company different is its integration with small business needs. They offer every single need and options for online stores and selling. It’s one of the best web hosts for small businesses that I recommend for all.

That way, every business owner can sell products online, using any eCommerce software the company offers. Furthermore, there is the shopping cart integration, with PayPal and the credit card payment processing tools.

When you choose this top-rated small business hosting, you get a great discount. So, you’ll save money and build a professional website, at the same time.

7. iPower

This is one of the best website hosts for small businesses. They have thousands of servers and many data centers to host millions of sites and make them load faster. This affordable hosting provider offers a free domain name, unlimited disk space, and unlimited bandwidth or monthly transfer like many people want to name it.

Their prices start at $3.95 per month with many solutions for small businesses. This hosting offers a free shared SSL certificate and lots of e-commerce, and online business tools and applications. Their cPanel control panel lets you manage your website files easily.

This is a PCI compliant host with full protection. That means trust, for your business, and customers will pay online safely.

You can install WordPress or any other software with a single click of a button. The uptime guaranteed is 99.9% and that a good feature on the shared web hosting, at that affordable price.

If you need advanced plans, the host offers VPS and dedicated servers. So, every small business owner can get the right option and resources. This is an instant activation and set up hosting, and that swill saves lots of time and money.

8. Cloudways

I’ve been using this host for 2 years and never found a single problem. Of course, I take care of the security and never install plugins or themes from any sources. But also, they have a great infrastructure that’s optimized with SSD servers, and fast network speed.

I’ve received real customer reviews, and all of them recommended this provider. Many of these reviews are from people who have online stores and eCommerce business, in general. I’ve asked for honest reviews and luckily, I found what I’m looking for. All that, to compare my own review with the others and find the difference.

There are different plans for multiple hosting services including, shared hosting, VPS, cloud hosting, and also, dedicated servers.

This is a recommended WordPress host, it comes with a vast caching system and lots of resources. At the same time, you can host any other application and not only blogging platforms like WordPress.

9. WP Engine (Fast WordPress Woocomerce hosting)

This is the best web host for small business sites that use WordPress. It’s a powerful platform created especially, for WordPress websites and blogs. It’s a premium and fully managed hosting service. That saves time and effort when it comes to managing the server and hosting issues. Everything is configured and monitored by expert technicians who update the website and make it secure.

10. FatCow

With this green and renewable energy powered hosting provider, you get fantastic options. The business web hosting packages come with unlimited disk space, and also, unmetered bandwidth with a free domain and great support. Every website gets a malware detection and removal software, and also, a daily scanning and protection system.

If you like free promotions, you will enjoy the free $250 advertising credits with Google AdWords, Yahoo, Bing, and also Facebook ads.

The recommended small business web hosting provider

Depending on your website and business needs, the web hosting plan can be small or big, the server features, the limits and the security are what make the difference. However, if you want to choose the right web hosting providers that work better, then, I recommend InMotion Hosting, it’s a great choice for all kinds of small business websites.

No matter what software you want to host and what resources your website needs, you get unlimited resources, including the disk space, bandwidth, and all the others. But also, your websites get top-level security protection with daily scanning, daily backup service, and much more.

At the same time, you don’t have to worry about the platform, this recommended web hosting service offers hundreds of open source applications NS, including WordPress and all the eCommerce software with SSL certificates and amazing features.


These are the best and affordable web hosting services for your small business website. They offer quality hosting, fast loading time, cheap prices, and professional customer support. If you browse their websites, you will find amazing bonuses and exclusive offers that will help to build a secure and fast website.

Used any other small business web hosting service? And what you think about these good providers? I wish you good luck and please share your experience with any of the above hosting providers. So, readers can find real user testimonials and reviews.

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