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Best “Personal Website Hosting” Services in 2020

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For many years, building a personal website or blog was a complicated process for beginners especially. But now, everything is easy and you can get the best hosting services for your site with auto-install software, clear steps and lots of tools like the file manager etc…

All that comes with site optimization systems to make it load fast and even rank higher in search engines. However, not all the web hosting companies you see online offers what you expect as features, server speed, and support.

Today, I’m going to show you the top rated personal website hosting providers. I’ll base my guide on my own experience first. And second, I’ll use the feedback that I’ve received from my readers who wanted to give a real experience with these popular web hosts.

Top Personal Web Hosts

1. InMotion Hosting

This is the first and the recommended personal website hosting service on this list. It’s that type of web host that takes care of your website security, speed, backups and optimization without letting you alone when you need a help.

They have been doing good services, and thousands of people recommend them through their personal website hosting reviews. The company uses an SSD infrastructure, and that’s great for speed and uptime. Personally, I found the web host one of its kind, not only because they have fast shared servers at low cost, but also, because they have one of the best customer support departments in the web hosting industry.

The main features are:

  • A free domain name
  • Free website/ blog migration
  • SSD servers
  • US-based customer support
  • Unlimited bandwidth and disk space
  • Free auto-installer software for hundreds of applications
  • Over $300 of free advertising credits
  • Free daily backup
  • Premium website builder
  • Email accounts with a spam filter

I hosted with dozens of web hosts in the last decade, and none of them offered what InMotion Hosting provides as good quality service and amazing features. There are shared web hosting plan for your personal website, reduced blog hosting plans with automatic installation software, and lots of themes, tutorials, guides and instructions to solve any problem.

In addition, there is a good and active support forum with expert web hosting engineers. All that comes with a friendly customer support that you can contact using the phone, live chat or emails.

The cost of this great web hosting is $4.19 per month, and that’s a 56% discount from their regular prices.

2. iPage

This is a low cost hosting provider for personal blogs and websites. In a matter of minutes, you get a full installed blog with all the tools and the options that you need. The great thing here is not only the cheap prices but also, the reliable hosting. That means, good uptime and speed, at the same time.

This is not a super fast hosting as it’s a shared hosting. But, it works well for personal websites for a simple reason. Personal websites need a few resources, like bandwidth and disk space, and all that is offered for unlimited with this company. So, the result will be fast loading time for your site and a better user experience.

Another good feature is that this is a fully green web hosting service. They use a 100% wind energy to aliment the infrastructure and their servers.

For the website creation, you can use one of these tools:

  • The auto-installer software: It lets you install all the open source applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and also the others.
  • The website builder: This is the Weebly’s great Drag and Drop builder software. You can use it, even with no skills or experience.

The prices of this cheap hosting are incomparable with the others. For just $1.99 per month, you get an unlimited hosting with professional customer support. Please note, this is a 75% OFF web hosting discount just because you’re reading this web hosting review post. So, bookmark this page for a letter use, to keep the huge discount.

3. GoDaddy

This is the most popular shared web hosting provider in the U.S and around the world. They have thousands of servers and huge data centers. The web host provides a good quality plan for your personal website and blogs.

That web hosting plan gives you lots of resources and services that help you to get the most of your hosting plan. For example, you get a great WordPress hosting with up to 100 Gigabytes of disk space, and unlimited monthly bandwidth that serves up to 25.000 monthly visitors. Thus, everyone gets the best WordPress website hosting at an affordable cost and fully managed services.

By the way, a personal website will never achieve that huge number of visits. Or, it will be a business website instead. Later, you can upgrade to the next level plans if you want.

Now, every web host has its Pros and Cons, personally, I don’t like the company’s promotional emails. They sent them to promote their other services like the domain names and the SSL. So, I’ve opted out from their email list, just to stop their extra offers.

On the other side, if you don’t have any idea about web hosting, website building etc… their offers will help, as you get tips also. But, if you’re an expert and you know what you do, you can unsubscribe from their list after registration.

4. HostGator

If you really care about your website, and you want to try a web hosting plan for one month, then, this is the right hosting solutions for you. It’s a high quality hosting, especially, for WordPress blogs. Every server is optimized for speed and performances with its new Solid State Drive features.

This personal web host offers one-month trials for just $0.01 and of course, if you don’t like their services, you have nothing to lose, just end your account. However, it’s a good web host that I liked and recommend for those who need to build personal Blogs.

Also, I should mention the fast servers in my test. For people who are looking for reliability, this not a 100% uptime guarantee web hosting, but, it’s a reliable shared, and cloud web host that work. Some of this great hosting features are:

  • WordPress optimized hosting
  • Auto installer software
  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • SSD hosting
  • Unlimited resources
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • The latest cPanel control panel
  • FTP access
  • SSH access
  • Website builder software
  • User-friendly site building tools

HostGator is a trusted company that hosts millions of websites and blogs. They have been hosting domains and sites for decades, and that’s a good signal of experience and trust. Furthermore, they have the resources and the great in-house customer support to help and support, by live chat, or tickets.

The first time I used this hosting, I thought the support will be slow and nothing, compared to the others. That’s simply because I couldn’t find the phone customer support on their website. But later, I wanted to try the live chat, to see how things work, and they amazed me with the friendly and fast support.

Their servers were a little overloaded in the past. Luckily, they have added the new SSD, and that’s what makes their servers super fast now. Even more, the web host added thousands of templates, guides, and tips on what to add on your site.

The company has different hosting services including:

  1. Share site hosting
  2. Managed WordPress hosting
  3. VPS hosting
  4. Dedicated servers
  5. Cloud hosting

All of the above services are fully optimized, to save bandwidth and speed up your website like never before.

5. CloudWays

This is a premium quality web hosting on the cloud. It’s hard to find their super fast shared servers that come with unlimited website hosting and professional customer support. Also, they have a free daily backup service with good uptime and amazing features.

This is one of the best web hosts for personal websites with a good reputation. Lots of universities in the United States and other countries are hosting with them. At the same time, they have an award winner customer support available by phone, live chat, and tickets.

For speed, this host has different data centers in North America, Europe, and in Asia. Thus, every website gets a speed boost, because visitors get the website version from their nearest location.

Hosting a website for personal purposes on this web host will be faster, easier and even faster thanks to the cloud infrastructure. In fact, this web host uses the best cloud providers such as Amazon, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Linode, and others. For the cost, the monthly hosting plan starts at $10 and come with 1 GB Of RAM dedicated, lots of SSD storage and premium bandwidth.

6. Bluehost

For many years, this trusted hosting has been developing its own infrastructure, and now, they have a powerful load balancer system. That means more stable servers, and no one can affect the others when one website receives lots of traffic.

The load balancer divides the same resources between all the shared hosting accounts. Then, if something happens like an extra boost in traffic, the system stabilizes the server smartly, without affecting any other domain.

This is one of the best and the cheapest website hosting services, especially, for small blogs and sites. Everything is well-organized in the control panel. So, you can use the installer software to build an instant WordPress site, or any other kind of sites. Even, there is an eCommerce application to choose from, and build an online store if you want.

7. FatCow

This is another green hosting provider that lets you build a cool personal website easily. The offers an easy to use control panel and an optimized WordPress hosting.

Recently, the company has invested lots of money and work, to offer an SSD server for your website. That means more reliability and also, speed.

For WordPress, for example, they will install default plugins and themes. So, you get all in one tool and features, at once.

The hosting prices come with a 60% OFF. That means you can host a personal website at $49 per year.

What’s a personal website hosting?

A personal website hosting is a type of web hosting service dedicated to individuals who want to build a website for personal use and keep the cost reduced. That includes a Blog, a static website that showcases the persons’ portfolio, a simple site that showcases an idea etc…

The common thing with all these personal sites is that all of them need a small disk space, fewer server resources, little maintenance and of course, they’re building for personal purposes.

Unlike the professional hosting plans, a personal site hosting is cheaper, easier and saves a lot of money for you. So, if you don’t sell products online and you expect a few visits t your blog or site, then, choosing one of the above recommended personal web hosts will be the best solution for you.

Average cost to host a personal website

Without talking about add-ons and extra features, choosing a basic web hosting plan for your personal site will cost around the $4 per month. I’m talking about yearly web hosting plan that you need to pay at once. That’s that average personal site hosting cost with good servers and customer support. However, if you’re looking for a monthly billing web hosting, then, the plan will cost you around the $10 on monthly payments.

Here is a good tip, some web hosting providers offer good features, but if you want the best, you have to choose cPanel. It’s that all in one web hosting management tool that comes with dozens of apps, tools, and options. You can manage your site file with one click, add a new file, move folders, optimize the site and make it faster etc…

In cPanel, there is a tool called “optimize website” or things like that depending on your web host, when you click on that tool, make sure you select, compress all the website content. That way, you’ll save a lot of bandwidth and make your site load faster.

optimize website

Paid vs Free web hosting for personal websites

No matter if you have an idea that you want to convert into website, blog or even big project, choosing a free web host is the way you should avoid all the way. A free web host will never help you when you need assistance, in addition, they have slow servers due to the few maintenances, bad quality server, no technical support and so on. So, letting your website with such a bad quality web hosts will never help you.

Now, let’s talk about uptime, these free web hosts have the worst servers with lots of downtimes, no support and of course, if a problem happens, you’ll lose your website and all its files forever. There are no things like daily site backups with these services, that cost a lot of money, and because they don’t have the resources to invest, you as a customer will get no backups and restore for your website.

On the other side, paid website hosting services have the money to upgrade their servers, pay their support staff and make the service better. So, you’re in good hands if you choose the right web host that offer the best features for your exact website software or Blog app like WordPress. Some paid web hosts have better server optimizations, while others offer cheaper plans with acceptable server configurations, optimizations, and hardware upgrade.


You don’t have to waste the time browsing thousands of web hosting companies. Instead, use one of the above list, this hosting guide is based on the service features, speed, reliability, the monthly and yearly price. But, also, using other factors, like the customer support, and availability.

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