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Most Powerful Managed VPS Hosting: Up to 480 Gigabytes of RAM

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The VPS is the next level of web hosting, especially, for fast-growing sites and people who look for quality, and the faster loading time. But, everyone is talking about his company and listing a long list of features that no one needs.

On the other side, there are trusted providers that you can use and get exclusive power and speed. I’m talking about the most powerful managed VPS hosting of Liquid Web. There, you get up to 480 Gigabytes of RAM, and no one can find these super servers anywhere else.

Storm VPS features

Of course, when I say a fully managed virtual private server, I mean an affordable price, at the same time. But, the most important thing is the cloud SSD infrastructure, and the friendly customer support.

Managed SSD VPS

The old HDD servers are low quality compared to the new ones. The SSD hosting worked faster and that’s without talking about the ability to handle more traffic and access files better. There are many tests that have been realized to compare both hardware, and the result is amazing. The modern SSD servers work better, in one word.

Managed SSD VPS

Unlike the other providers, Liquid Web is not a small company, but, an old and trusted hosting provider since the year 1997. That allowed them the be in business before all the other providers that you see today. A fully managed cloud VPS is not only hardware but also, a long list of features, including, professionalism, support, enthusiasm and more.

Whole owned data centers

It’s not easy to offer great services without having your own data center. This great hosting has 3 data centers across the United States that they own at 100%. That means full control and full support when customers need it.

I’ve seen other companies talking about their support all the time. But, when a disaster happens, they fail to answer a single support ticket and call themselves professional hosting providers.

Most powerful VPS hosting

Windows and Linux SSD VPS

This is one of the few trusted hosting services that offer both, Windows cloud VPS, and Linux VPS hosting. Every account comes with full management and SSD infrastructure in the cloud. No matter what platform you want to use, everything was optimized to work well with any software and application.

You can use this service for any size of website or eCommerce project. For example, you can host WordPress, Joomla, and all the others. Even, they have powerful Minecraft and gaming VPS hosting and services.

There is a large variety of operating systems to choose from. For example, they have the following ones.

  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • Windows Server

I have a Linux virtual machine hosting account with this company and don’t be surprised when the average response time is 190 milliseconds. That’s a super fast hosting that can handle millions of visits per months, and still work smoothly.

Secure servers

The powerful RAID protected SSD VPS takes your site to the next level of security. But, more than that, the storm Firewall was built and developed, especially, for their servers.

The real-time monitoring system scans your files, and the full website, and harden it with the latest security updates. So, every server gets the strongest protection available in the industry, and that’s what no other hosting can offer.

Create server images, deploy and clone

You can create images of your SSD virtual server. Then, clone it or even resize it if you need. Everything was built, based on the customer needs and what people are looking for.

Free migrations

I’ve used many services, but, none of them has a fully dedicated team to migrate the new customer’s website. That’s an exclusive service with this premium company and no other one offer it. They have a staff of people who know all the technical work, to move a website from a host to another, and they do it professionally for free.

High level of resources

If you visit the website and move the slider of the VPS plans, you will find that you can get up to 24 CPU cores, and that’s a huge processing power. Also, the 100% server uptime guarantee is more than helpful in these days.

It’s not easy to get that super fast private servers that work with maximum speed. For the disk storage, you get from 1GB to 512 Gigabytes, and you can add more if you need.

Off-site backups

No one will do this job better than Liquid Web. Their Guardian Backup & Recovery system takes copies of your entire website and saves it on full protected SSD drives. Also, they have a disaster recovery system that lets everyone restore his website, even, in the worst natural disaster cases.

VPS Guardian Backups

It’s the best virtual server hosting that takes care of your website files, and your business success, at the same time.

Available with cPanel

I’ve talked many times about cPanel, and why beginners should use it. So, you get your easy to use cPanel control panel without any complications and settings. Everyone can manage his website by, editing, uploading, and downloading files when you want. It’s a super fast cPanel VPS hosting with full control.

Daily or monthly billing

This is the only professional hosting provider that lets you pay per day. Of course, you can choose the monthly hosting, but, the daily billing hosting works better, for high traffic sites that pay a lot of money for their services.

Dedicated support

The best cloud VPS hosting should come with amazing customer support, and that’s what the company does. Do you know that the average waiting time for the phone support is only 59 seconds? The same things for the live chat.

For the ticket support, In my personal experience, I’ve got an answer within 17 minutes exactly. But, the average waiting time is 30 minutes and that’s incomparable with other services that respond in days or weeks (if they respond).

The difference here is not the fast response, but, the qualified and the well-trained agents. The company trained the support staff to work with any situation, and offer a friendly support.

customer support


It’s not a secret that the best VPS hosting should be fast, fully protected, and managed. But, what many people forget is some technical details, such as, the RAM, the backup, and the network speed. That’s why I’ve made things easy to understand, and I only recommend this SSD VPS hosting that comes with award winner customer support, it’s a registered company that takes care of everything.

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