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20 Month-to-Month Web Hosting Services with No Contracts

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Searching for a good month-to-month web hosting with no contacts? And you prefer the trusted providers with professional customer support and a lot of features? So, we carefully selected the best monthly billing website hosting companies with secure servers. So, everyone can get a short-term hosting plan with instant setup, no contracts, easy control panel, and free marketing offers.

We’ll show you the top 10 companies in the first section, and then, you’ll find the other web hosting, so, the full list will include 20 of the best website hosting companies with 30-day billing cycles.

Top 10 Best month-to-month web hosting services

We spent months testing and comparing the following companies with month to month billing plans. So, we hosted different websites and compared the speed of their servers and what they offer as options. Next, we excluded the bad providers and we created the final list of the Top 20 list of the best month to month web hosting plans that we recommend for your website, blog, and eCommerce project.

1. HostGator ($0.01 web hosting the first month)

HostGator is a well known monthly billing web hosting provider with good features. The web host offers one-month web hosting trial for just one penny, yes, that’s $0.01 shared site hosting for 30 days that comes with all the professional features.

After the first month, the small shared plan called Hatchling cost $10.95 per month, and that’s not really cheap compared to the other plan in this list. However, HostGator still one of the best web hosting services, we recommend and use.

Month-to-Month web hosting

For many bloggers and webmasters, this is the best month to month web hosting. Indeed, unlike other shared web hosts, HostGator is a cloud base web hosting that offers more options and resources. Moreover, they offer email marketing services and you can find pre-installed plugins for WordPress and similar options for other apps.

HostGator offers monthly cPanel web hosting, so, you find popular tools like DNS manager, file manager, FTP and website optimizer. The cPanel version they offer is the latest one, so, it’s recommended for easy file management and web hosting usage.

HostGator offers weekly off-site backups, so, we highly recommend making your own daily backup with a plugin. That way, you avoid any problem if you want to restore your site from any day. For emails, the company offers unlimited email hosting, and you can add forward and extra accounts from cPanel.

HostGator is one of the best web hosting companies in the USA, and they have cloud services for different sizes of websites. So, from small size to high traffic sites, you can find a good deal. Now, if you compare the monthly vs yearly billing cycles of HostGator, you’ll find that you get the same features.

So, that’s great compared to other web hosts, Hostgator does not offer a free domain in all the cases, so, you’ll need to purchase one from them or from any other domain name registrars.

2. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting has one of the best month to month hosting plan with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains, unlimited emails, and even a premium SSL for free. However, only the third plan caller Pro is billed monthly. So, make sure you click on that exact web hosting plan to get the monthly payment option.

monthly shared hosting plan

InMotion is a reliable web hosting provider with optimized servers, SSD, fast loading time and great customer support. So, if you need a fast web hosting for your blog and website, and you need to pay per month, then, go with their Pro hosting plan.

3. GoDaddy (month-to-month web hosting for $7.99)

GoDaddy is the largest web hosting provider with millions of domains and premium quality services. GoDaddy offers what a small business website needs as tools and options. For pricing, the monthly hosting package starts from $7.99 with unmetered monthly bandwidth and the latest PHP version.

GoDaddy calls the basic plan, the Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel, so, it’s really affordable for a small business website. This hosting plan is suitable for a single website. However, for those who need multiple domains hosting with monthly billing, they can choose the other plan called Deluxe or the Ultimate.

The option to pay monthly web hosting plans saves you a lot of money in the short term, however, using the yearly billing cycles is better if you have a long-term project.

4. WP Engine (monthly billing WordPress host)

The above monthly web hosts in this article work for different applications, but WP Engine is fully built for WordPress. In reality, WP Engine is the fastest WordPress hosting provider. The web host uses the latest hardware technologies from popular cloud hosting providers and deploys servers that are optimized for PHP and MySQL.

The WP Engine monthly plans start from $29, and that’s the plan for a single WordPress installation. For those who need more resources and installs, they can choose from other plans that cost more of course.

WPEngine monthly hosting


We recommend this good monthly hosting for your blog and you can count on their server’s speed and customer support.

With this web host, you can create a WordPress website and copy them to the staging area. Then, you can launch the site with one click. By the way, you don’t need any caching plugin because the company optimizes the servers for faster PHP and MySQL.

5. FatCow ($5 month by month web hosting)

FatCow is an easy and simple monthly web hosting is a great deal. This company provides cheap website hosting that costs only $5 per month. The plan includes unlimited monthly website transfer and storage with unlimited mailboxes and thousands of templates.

The web host offers an easy to use control panel, so, you can manage your site files like a pro. That includes moving folders, uploading and downloading files using FTP, File manager, etc.. With the FatCow’s monthly hosting plans, you can build a blog, a website or even an eCommerce store in minutes.

6. iPower (affordable monthly site hosting)

iPower has the second hosting plan called PRO that can be billed on monthly cycles. The package costs $7.95 and the company accepts Credit cards and also PayPal payments. With such an easy web hosting plan, you can start a blog, a website or even build any other type of website fast. It’s not the cheapest option in this list, but a good service that you can signup for, and use.

7. InterServer (cheap month-to-month hosting plans)

If you’re looking for an easy month-to-month web hosting plan, then, InterServer will be the right option. InterServer is a trusted web hosting with cPanel and Lightspeed servers. InterServer has one of the cheapest monthly hosting plans that cost $5. The package includes unlimited website bandwidth, unlimited SSD storage, and over 450 free open-source app to install with one click.

We liked the way that this hosting saves the databases of their clients’ websites. In reality, instead of the traditional, in servers database hosting, they host the MySQL database on separate SSD servers for better performances and faster site loading time. So, expect a faster web hosting that cost less.

8. One and One

For long years, 1and1 web hosting provider has been offering affordable and reliable services. They have data centers in the USA and also in Europe. So, there is a choice of the website hosting location.

The basic hosting plan with monthly payment costs $8.99 and it comes with a free SSL certificate and 24/7 support. Also, with scalable resources, you can add more bandwidth or disk space the time your website needs them.

In the control panel, you’ll find tools like the website GZIP compressor, the FTP and of course the one-click installer software for hundreds of applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and others. In addition, all the monthly hosting plans come with good customer support, easy payment with a credit card and Paypal payments, and also secure web servers.

9. KnownHost

With so many optimizations and features, KnownHost is a recommended managed WordPress hosting with a monthly payment. They don’t offer traditional web hosting and what they focus on is WordPress, VPS, and dedicated servers. The company offers a daily off-site backup service completely for free. In addition, these backups keep 3 versions of your website to restore them anytime you want.

On the other side, the high level of server protection helps a lot to prevent online threats and DDoS attacks. The first monthly hosting plan comes with unlimited premium bandwidth, one WP installation and 50 GB of disk storage.

10. Ultra Web Hosting ($5.95 for one-month web hosting plans)

Surprisingly, we discovered this amazing monthly web hosting recently, and it was a powerful option with good support and features. With UltraWebHosting, you can get many of monthly billing web hosting options, but this one is friendly and easy to use.

The company has a fast SSD enhanced web server with free SSL and lots of good features. The monthly hosting plan costs $5.95 and that’s cheap compared to other popular web hosts like HostGator and more.

Monthly website hosting plan

This monthly web hosting uses ultra-fast server caching technology that will make your site loads faster. In addition, the Cloudlinux with varnish optimizations takes the speed to the next level. With this green web hosting, you can build any kind of website and what you get is unlimited disk space. Also, there is unlimited monthly bandwidth and good quality of service that a few companies offer.

For the website management and account access, the company provides cPanel with all the great options. So, you can see the monthly hosting usage, and configure DNS, FTP, etc. Additionally, the file manager comes with easy access to the site files and that’s great.

Other month-by-month web hosting providers

11. CloudWays ($7 Monthly cloud hosting)

Cloudways is a well-optimized cloud web hosting infrastructure that works with the biggest cloud computing companies. That includes Google Cloud, Amazon web services, Digital Ocean, Linode and more.

CloudWays hosting was built for performance and speed. In addition, their infrastructure includes the following software and severs optimization tools.

  • NGINX web servers that are super fast
  • The popular Apache web servers
  • Memcached
  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • PHP 7 for faster hosting
  • Redis cache
  • PHP-FPM that increase the PHP speed by over 300% on average
  • Varnish Cache

There is SSH access, and support for all the applications like WordPress, eCommerce and more. The monthly cloud hosting plans start at $7. That’s the small plan for a small website or blog, in addition, there are other cloud hosting packages with monthly billing that come with up to 64 GB RAM and dedicated resources.

12. Pressidium (WordPress hosting billed month-to-month)

Like WP Engine, Pressidium is another fully managed web hosting with monthly billing options. They have data centers in Europe, America, and the Pacific. The hosting plans can be billed month to month and that cost $21 for the Micro plan. The package comes with a single WP install, however, you can choose the personal plan for most installs.

To get the smallest hosting plan you need to click the “I need a smaller plan” as the following screenshot example. All the monthly web hosting plans include dynamic load balancing, SSL, expert support, enterprise SSD storage, and advanced server caching.

13. Heart Internet

Heart Internet is one of the best monthly payment web hosting solutions. The web host provides good services for small websites that need enough server resources at low cost. As the prices are listed in Pound, the equivalent in the US dollar will be $12 for the smallest hosting package with month to month payment.

The hosting provides fast servers for those who have traffic from Europe or the UK especially. For that, we strongly recommend buying their monthly hosting plans if your business gets visits from that location.

14. JustHost

JustHost is a simple web hosting solution that lets’ you pay per month for websites and blogs. So, you can build your own website and have an instant setup with unmetered bandwidth and enough disk space. All that costs $7.99 monthly with a free setup fee. So, you only pay for your month to month billing cycle and not the account activation as other web hosts do.

With this cheap monthly hosting plan, the user can add domain privacy and other options. So, all the costs will be billed monthly and that’s what a few companies do. The majority offer the extra web hosting service for long-term billing cycles.

15. Hosting 24

Hosting 24 is a monthly billing web hosting service that provides automated weekly backups and easy options. With cPanel, the cheap monthly plan costs $5.99 and that comes with unlimited resources. Hosting 24 is a good web hosting, but we strongly recommend installing a caching plugin to have faster site loading time. In shared web hosting environments, it’s recommended to keep your site safe with daily backup. You can install any free backup plugin or tool and save a lot of time and effort.

Hosting 24

This service offers three different website building tools. So, you have thousands of web templates to choose from and use. Furthermore, there is a server security option and the choice to select a data center in the USA or in the EU.

16. TMDHosting (monthly site hosting with no contracts)

Unlike the other monthly billing web hosts in this list, TMDHosting is great, but with some activation fees. So, the monthly hosting package costs $8.95 and the activation fee costs $9.95 and the other billing cycles have no activation fees.

The web host uses fast SSD drives and the latest powerful Intel CPU processors make the speed amazing. TMDHosting owns data centers on different continents and that way, there are more server location choices.

TMDHosting uses NGINX web servers with Memcache and faster optimization. In addition, the first plan comes with free lets Encrypt SSL, the second hosting package comes with Standard SSL, and the third monthly package comes with free Wildcard SSL.

All the hosting plans include unlimited websites to host, unlimited disk storage and also bandwidth. Of course, there is a free cPanel for all accounts to manage everything from one place.

For those who know nothing about Google webmaster tools and website verification, the company offers a service. So, if you prefer having a good monthly hosting plan with Google Search Console account setup and verification, then choose this option. You can find that service extra on the checkout page.

17. A2 Hosting

This is another company with month-to-month web hosting plans. The web servers use fast SSD drives and turbo boost that works 20 times faster than a regular web hosting solution. The Lite Web Hosting plan includes unlimited web traffic, unlimited disk space, and cPanel access. That costs $9.99 on monthly billing cycles, and you can add extra services if you like. The shared hosting is one of their other products, A2 Hosting offers cheap monthly shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers.

A2 Hosting offers Linux and Windows hosting, so, you can choose the solution that works best. Linux hosting is the most popular, and we recommend it over Windows especially for WordPress and open-source apps like Joomla, Prestashop, Magento, and others.

Please remember, what you’ll see on their homepage is only the prices for the long term, but when you choose a plan, you’ll get the monthly hosting option.

18. Glowhost

Glowhost is one of the best-shared web hosting services with monthly plans. They offer unlimited monthly transfer and unlimited storage. All that includes a private SSL certificate, CloudLinux servers, and the cost is $8.95/month.

Glowhost offer Cloudflare global CDN, cPanel, SEO tools and an instant setup and activation. In addition, with such a cheap monthly web hosting package, you get $75 in Google adverting credits and website management tools like FTP, file manager, DNS, and more. All in all, it’s a cost-effective website hosting plan.

19. PhotonVPS

If you’d like to have dedicated hosting resources, with affordable plans, then use this monthly payment web hosting service. PhotonVPS is a monthly VPS hosting provider with SSD servers, good customer support, and top-notch quality. With this VPS service, you can choose in which country your server will be hosted. So, you can choose from different countries, including the USA (Los Angeles, and Dallas).

The web host has 100+ Gigabit Internet Connectivity which is super fast, and up to 1 Gbits ports. All that makes a good hosting environment to start your project in total control of resources and you pay monthly. Best of all, the Raid 10 storage with SSD offers what an optimizes web servers need to work faster.

These month by month VPS  plans are fully managed with cPanel or Plesk. So, there are both, Linux hosting and Windows servers.

For security, there is a high level of protection with free DDoS mitigation and continuous backup. So, the user can restore the servers anytime we need with simple clicks.

The Linux VPS plan of 1 GB RAM costs $5.95 per month and the Windows monthly VPS costs $10.95 with the same resources.

20. Yahoo

Yahoo is not only a search engine, but they have a good month to month web hosting plans for small business websites. It cost $5.99 but without third-party tools like WordPress. The other plan includes third-party apps and of course that will add an extra cost to the plan. The basic monthly hosting offer comes with a basic website building tool, and free templates to choose from and customize.

The disk space limit is 100 GB and that’s enough for a small business website or even a personal project. The drag and drop website builder offers what you need as design and features. So, building a simple website will be easy and simple with Yahoo monthly web hosting.

These are the best monthly web hosting providers we recommend and tried. If you used any of them, make sure you share your ideas in the comment section below. That way, everyone gets useful information about real people who review the services based on his experience as well.

Bonus website to pay per month your hosting plan

With low-cost month-to-month web hosting, Hostwinds offers unlimited server resources, including the site transfer and also the disk space. In addition, the monthly payment plan costs $6.74 and that’s great for many reasons. First, it’s cheap compared to other hosting providers, seconds, it comes with unlimited resources, cPanel, and also softaculous auto installer software. So, all, that makes a good hosting environment to start a website and succeed.

Is a month-to-month web hosting plan better for you?

Choosing a good monthly web hosting plan can save you money in the short-term. You’ll keep the money for other things like themes, plugins, etc…. And for others, they can simply save money. However, in the long term, if you choose an expensive monthly hosting service, you’ll pay more if you calculate your billing invoices in total.

So, choosing longer billing cycles helps to save more money on web hosting. But that’s’ not the case for all of us. Some need cheap, reliable monthly hosting, and others can only pay every month. So, what you needed to know here is this:

If you’re planning to build a website that lasts longer, we recommend choosing a longer billing cycle. On the other side, if you only need a website for a few months, then, a monthly web hosting will be right for you. But choose a good hosting that cost less, you can use the services we recommend in this article to find good hosting deals with month-to-month billing cycles.

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