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Monthly Payment Web Hosting Services with Instant Activation

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The cheap and the good web hosting is the first thing that bloggers and business owners look for, when they start their online businesses. But, when it comes to monthly payment web hosting service, they find it hard to get. However, there are a few companies that offer a month to month payment plans to their customers.

I’ll share them in this post and I hope that everyone can find the best choice between them. The good thing is that they are all big brands and companies with millions of hosted domains. That’s a good signal for all of us, and you can host your new blog or site with affordable and easy hosting.

7 Best Monthly Billing Web Hosts

This is not a long list of services, because the majority of them are building their business, based on the annual plan payment system. So, make sure to use the one that suits your needs, and that works with your budget limits.

I recommend them for their quality and prices at the same time, and of course, you can pay your hosting every month and not annually.

1. HostGator ($8.76 per month)

This a pay per month web hosting company that offers speed and high-quality shared and VPS hosting at cheap prices. They offer generous SSD storage and unmetered bandwidth. In addition, you don’ need complicated tools as you get the best cPanel control panel. It comes with drag and drops website builder tool, file manager, FTP, email forwarding, etc…

The one-month hosting billing will cost you $8.76, and that’s a discounted price compared to the regular plan cost.

Monthly Payment Web Hosting

For extra services, you can add the options you like. So, that gives flexibility for people who don’t need the add-on to uncheck them during the signup. All the payments are month to month, and you can add, or remove services, as you need easily.

This is one of the best web hosting providers with monthly payments and for all kinds of websites including blogs, stores, etc…

When these hosting companies let you pay per month, that’s a good signal that they have good services, and customers will stay with them for a long time.

Other companies force people to pay annually because they know that no one will stay for more than one month. It’s a bad strategy, that many companies are using. But, not all of the annual payment options are that way.

2. InMotion Hosting

This fast SSD web host works well for me, and it’s that kind of web hosting that you can use and forget issues. There is friendly customer support with a US-based department, phone support, and live chat. That way, there are more options to contact a web hosting expert that can solve any problem and advise you.

Not all the web hosting plans come with monthly billing, however, their “Pro” plan comes with that payment cycle. So, make sure you hover over that third business hosting plan then, you’ll get three options including the one-month payment.

One month plan

This is the only exception in this list of web hosts with no setup fees. InMotion has a good plan, but there is an activation fee.

The monthly payment WordPress hosting comes with the automatic installation of the software, and it saves you a lot of money for longe term billing cycles.

3. InterServer ($5 per month)

With this easy monthly web hosting provider, you can host your site at cheap prices and with quality services. The uptime guarantee is 99.9% and that’s what makes websites available. Also, they have SSD servers with a secure infrastructure, with US-based customer support, and that’s helpful for professional hosting.


The company offers unlimited hosting, such as unlimited domains to host, unlimited email accounts, databases, and much more.

The company offer:

  • cPanel
  • SSD servers
  • Website builder tool
  • Auto installer application
  • The latest processors
  • Enterprise hardware
  • Daily backups
  • Support 24/7 by phone, chat or tickets

Unlike many other hosting services, InterServer lets you pay using PayPal and credit cards, that’s a flexible payment system for all.

4. CloudWays

This is another web hosting that you can pay monthly, it cost $10 and you get fast site loading time. In addition, this hosting provided good service in partnership with Google Cloud, Amazon, and other big companies.

For many beginners, they wonder whether or not a monthly billing cycle is better than the yearly web hosting. However, many of them try this web hosting and find it a good solution that saves money and offers enough server resources. So, giving it a try will be a good thing if you want to have a cloud hosting with 100% uptime guaranteed.

The monthly hosting plans come with backup, high level of server protection and of course SSL certificate.

5. GoDaddy

As we all know, this is one of the largest month to month web hosting providers. They’re known especially, for the shared hosting plans.

Please note, in the past, their first shared plan doesn’t have the month to month payment options. But, the second plan which is called ”DELUXE” has that option. Now, they have a monthly payment option for all their hosting plans; Just click on the plan you prefer, then, in the checkout page, you’ll be able to switch the billing cycles.

switch the billing cycles

This is not the cheapest month to month web hosting company in my own test and experience. Their speed is not as good as they talk about, and I only recommend it if you have a small blog or website with few visits per day.

Their customer support is achieved by phone, live chat or tickets. You can get instant support if you need help for any reason. This a medium quality web hosting provider, and people can pay monthly services at cheap prices.

The activation is instant without fees and they offer the latest cPanel versions, to manage your site like a pro. The auto-installer software lets you install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and other open-source applications.

It’s the cheapest monthly web hosting, but, they don’t offer a free backup. So, you need to install a plugin to have a daily backup of your site.

6. Liquid Web

You can’t find a better professional web hosting like this one. It’s a first-class infrastructure with super-fast SSD servers and award winner customer support team. The company offers all the web hosting solutions without exception.

They have amazing quality services concluding.

  • SSD web hosting
  • Linux and Windows hosting
  • Storm SSD VPS
  • Most powerful Dedicated servers in the world with up to 504 GB of RAM
  • Semi-dedicated machines
  • Cloud web hosting
  • Email hosting
  • CDN, and more service that needs a full page to list them all.

This is one of the few, pay by month web hosting providers that have a real 100% Uptime guarantee. That’s because of the powerful cloud infrastructure on their fully owned data centers in the U.S. You can choose to pay per month, or per day depending on your needs and resources.

If you need to move your existing website or blog, you will get a free site transfer service with your account. That’s a good gift, especially for beginners, and people without experience in managing sites and moving files between hosting servers.

Here are a few features about this registered and trusted web hosting company.

  • Host unlimited websites
  • Optimized SSD disk space
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Lots of GB of monthly bandwidth
  • Free website migration
  • The best U.S based customer support in the industry
  • Support by phone, live chat, tickets, and emails
  • Fully owned data centers
  • Premium quality nightly backups on bonus SSD drives
  • cPanel control panel available
  • Free setup
  • One-click installs software
  • Host any kind of website or application, including, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and all the others.

I highly recommend this trusted web hosting that not only lets you pay for monthly services but also, it takes your website security and speed to the next level.

7. WP Engine

This is not a shared month to month hosting like other companies, but, a fully managed and premium hosting for WordPress sites, exclusively. They are the fastest hosting with top performances, and they have the most advanced infrastructure and technologies.

Of course, they have a price for premium services, but, they offer a monthly payment option for all their plans, and that’s good to let people try them and to see how the service is working. At the same time, they offer two months trial with a money-back guarantee.

I recommend WP Engine for everyone who owns a WordPress website and looks for speed and fully managed hosting. You just have to focus on your site’s content, and forget the web hosting matters completely. Technicians will do the settings and management for you, and even, they will upgrade your theme, plugins, and work for your site speed.

Advantages of paying web hosting month to month

Sometimes, the features of the web hosting plan do not attract webmasters, simply because the company does not offer a monthly payment web hosting plan. So, no matter what exclusive service the web hot provides, the blogger or website owner will look for a short-term web hosting plan that suits his budget. However, there are no real differences between the one-month web hosting plan, and the one-year billing cycle you see with popular web hist, except the cost.

So, when you choose a monthly payment hosting plan, you’ll save money in the short term, and that’s great, however, in the long term, the cost will be higher than normal.

On the other side, for those who want to start a website, a blog or online store for the first time, then, choosing a web hosting plan per month will be better. In fact, they can try the hosting service, and if it doesn’t offer what the user expects, he can move to another good web host without thinking about cancellation fees, etc…

Best monthly WordPress hosting

WordPress is a CMS and the preferred blogging software for millions of people around the world. So, the software has a lot of features that blogger look for, and personally, I recommend it for all users. But the real issue with WordPress is its nature with MySQL, PHP, and the millions of calculations, operations that slow down the page loading time, especially if you have a large size of the website.

So, the dynamic website feature that WordPress offers comes with negative points including the performance loading time and more.

Now, to make WordPress work better, faster, and security, it needs an optimized web hosting infrastructure. The good news is that you don’t have to search for lots of options, because you have the best monthly paid WordPress hosting company called WP Engine.

That reliable monthly web hosting provider offers the speed,d the reliability and the security that every WordPress site needs. In my personal experience, I found WP Engine the best-optimized WordPress hosting that you can use and pay per month.

Best monthly hosting for eCommerce sites

Unlike the regular web hosting, eCommerce site hosting needs extra levels of security, optimization and more tools. That’s what every online store owner should look for the secure website transactions, and make it works the best way. Additionally, the bandwidth usage and disk space limitations should not be problems, and there is no way to have a secure website without SSL of course.

The best web host I recommend for an eCommerce website is Liquid Web. It’s the most secure monthly billed web hosting service for professional websites. There is no need to think about tools, and ways to speed up the site, everything works in total security and at the highest levels of server performance.

In addition, the optimize eCommerce hosting, LiquidWeb offers the best WooCommerce hosting with monthly billing cycles. It’s the next level of the eCommerce hosting on WordPress using the right optimizations configurations. So, it’s a one of its kind WordPress VPS hosting that comes with premium SSL, high quality of servers and the latest software updates and options.


These are the best companies that offer monthly web hosting plans. You can sign up for any service that you want. They are all verified and trusted, and, you can host with them in total security. However, I classified them based on the nature of your website type.

So, the first one will be the best for general sites, and no other company can beat HostGator for that. On the other hand for managed web hosting, the best option is Liquid Web in terms of speed, features, level of management, customer support, and everything else that every website owner needs.

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