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Bluehost WordPress Hosting: What’s the Difference for your Blog?

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As the popular web hosting companies, Bluehost started offering great services for years. But now, they have a fully optimized hosting for WordPress. So, they make the server settings and the caching system works better, especially, for that software.

However, beginners find things confusing and they find themselves in the need to compare companies to find the best one. I’ll make things easy for you, and I’ll show you the difference between the Bluehost WordPress hosting and other services.

Bluehost WordPress hosting vs WP Engine

Of course, the majority of people know that WP Engine is the only fully managed WordPress hosting for years. But, they forget that they’re not offering email hosting, and you can only host a single website for the first plan. If you need more, you should choose other plans that cost lots of money.

When you compare all that with Bluehost, things can look different. For example, Bluehost offer more services with large resources, and cheaper prices and that’s what makes things easier for all of us. It’s not the same speed or loading time, but it works well.

Unlike any other hosting, the Bluehost accounts come with 30 GB or disk storage, and the same space for your website backups that happens automatically. Also, the minimum dedicated RAM is 2 GB and you can get up to 8 GB if you want the large plan. That lets people get more resources and speed, but, at cheaper prices compared to WP Engine.

Bluehost WordPress Hosting


I want to add that this is not the old server and infrastructure that the company uses for the shared hosting. It’s a brand new infrastructure with powerful resources and optimized configuration, that speed up WordPress, and reduce the number of HTTP requests that the software uses.

The result is much better and the blog will work without issues. Best of all, you can host the same email of your domain names and there is no need to look for other services.

Easy cPanel and lots of optimization

Unlike the WP Engine and the other managed services for WordPress, Bluehost is easy, and even, a child can use the cPanel. No more coding and other things that complicate the life. Just login to your simple to use cPanel and manage the files, and everything you need from one place.

For those who look for speed, the hosting comes with a CDN service, that serves your blog static assets from the nearest location to your visitors. That helps the server to work better, and it will save lots of bandwidth and make the user experience better.

Even, you can host up to 5 blogs for the first plan. If you have more blogs, then, use other plans that suit your business needs. But in general, they offer more resources, more websites that you can host, and that’s what no other company can offer at that great price.

The advanced NGINX infrastructure and the integration of W3 Total Cache plugin work well and reduce the server response time. There is no need to think about security in the server itself, there is the Site Lock protection, and the firewall detects every attempt of attacks or unnatural traffic.

The instant RAM or storage upgrade option is what will save you lots of time and money. In one click, people can add more RAM if their sites need that, and they can add more disk storage also. It’s a combination between a powerful VPS hosting and a fully managed and optimized service, that every business owner and professional WordPress user needs.

Using the Bluehost WordPress hosting is recommended for all, but, if you have a new blog without any traffic and you can manage all the hosting settings and options yourself, then, you can just use the shared hosting that they offer, and that will save you money.

Later, when you see that your blog receive lots of traffic and it needs a managed hosting, you can upgrade, and ask them to help you at that stage.

For the customer support, you can’t find better than that, they offer both, phone support and tickets. At the same time, you can use the live chat or contact them by email if you need that.

There are many services that offer WordPress managed hosting, but, when it comes to resources and price, Bluehost is the winner. They have a simple billing system without complicated options and other things. The first plan limit for monthly visits is 100 million, and that’s a big difference with all the other companies that limits everything.

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